For the joy of it!


Through the process of mark making, use of colour, texture and layering of paint i hope to capture some of the beauty that exists around us. Our humanness, our fears and dreams.

For me there is joy in the method, a song to the creator. The outcome...always surprising. For i believe wholly in the action, the journey and direction of the marks i make. It all begins from an idea, a feeling, a word.

I follow it with paint to its desired end.




Selected group exhibitions

1998 - July   Waverly Art Council Prize Group Exhibition Sydney Australia

1999 - June Mosman Art Prize  Group Exhibition Mosman Art Gallery Sydney Australia

1998 - November Group Exhibition Spectrum Gallery The Rocks  Sydney Australia

2000 - April   Great Southland Art Prize Sydney Australia

2017 - July Painterly Nelson New Zealand


Solo Shows

2000 - 'India Land of Many' June Spectrum Gallery The Rocks Sydney

2009 - 'Spots Stipe & Song' September Kingsland Auckland

2011 - 'Falling into Land'  Newmarket Auckland

2015 - 'Streetlights & Seascapes' May Newmarket Auckland

2015 - 'Tied up in Knots' November Newmarket Auckland

2017 - 'Into the Wild' March Newmarket Auckland

2017 - 'Creation Dreaming' November Newmarket Auckland

2018 - 'Falling Action' April  Newmarket Auckland

2019 - ‘A Still Life’ Newmarket Auckland